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empowering girls and women

Million girls and women alive today who have undergone FGM in concentrated countries
Million girls at risk of undergoing female genital mutilation every year.
The estimated prevalence of FGM in Kenya for girls and women (15-49 years)


 Traditionally, the Meru community circumcised both boys and girls almost at the same age, season and time, with similar initiation ceremonies.


 The practice of Female Genital Mutilation is performed mostly to girls above the age of six years, indicating FGM has less to do with initiation into adulthood. 



 We are committed to ending this vice and any related harmful cultural practices in Meru since it has life-long implications to women.  


we believe in the power of collaboration







Engaging Elders

The Njuri Ncheke are not only stakeholders of culture but they are also an authoritative figure among the Meru people. By involving them, we are able to effectively engage traditional facets of society. 


Fathers make important decisions for the family. Many decisions are life long, and they affect their wives and daughters. We engage them on  girls and women’s rights so that they can make more informed decisions. 

Male Youth

These are the fathers and future elders of the community. By engaging them,  we are able to sustainably eradicate harmful cultural practices; and have a strong foundation for a community conscious about women’s rights. 

Reformed cutters 

Once converted, they are able to convince other cutters to end Harmful Practices. They also break down to the community the effects of FGM from first hand experiences.


Midwives play a crucial role during delivery and many cut women’s lives are in their hands. They are credible agents of change since they speak from firsthand experiences. 

Women in leadership

Women in such positions yield power. They are critical in championing for women and girls’ affairs using their offices and on individual capacities as role models. 

Peaceful demonstration at Laare town, Meru County #FGMKilledJelida

Cathering Thiakunu addressing Ministry of Public Service, Youth & Gender Affairs PS, Sabina Kwekwe on Jelida’s case on 05/02/ 2019 in Narok County

Njuri Ncheke Chest prayers to open community meeting on FGM


We are stronger when we come together. We work with government and like-minded organizations and individuals within and without Meru County to stand up for, and champion for girls’ and women’s rights. 


Through mainstream, online and offline campaigns, we have brought to light different Female Genital Mutilation cases in Meru County, and drawn attention to the existence of the harmful cultural practices within the community.

Alternative rites of passage

The national government, through the Anti-FGM Board. The board partnered with Care Health Providers to carry out an ARP in IGEMBE, where over 250 girls graduated after 3 days of intense training


We are collaborating with institutions of learning to educate children on their rights and sensitize them on the law. Schools also bring together parents and other community members on important days like visiting and parents’ days.