empowering women and girls

Community sensitization

Alternative Rights of Passage

Custodians of culture

Our mandate is to ensure women and girls are granted their rights by fighting harmful cultures like Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Child Marriage and protection of women and children against sexual abuse and domestic violence; and championing for child rights.

Engaging women

By enlightening them on their rights, responsibilities and roles they can play in protecting and empowering themselves, women are able to voice out their concerns and issues. We have engaged women and have created peer agents of change.

Engaging men

By training and enlightening men, change is achieved faster and girls are more secure in the highly-partriachal Meru culture. We have engaged men on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Sexual-Reproductive Health rights, human rights pertaining women and girls.

Engaging government

The County and National Governments are responsible for creation and implementation of laws that protect women and girls. We have worked with the National Government under the ministry of Youth and Gender services, and the County Government of Meru,.

Partnering with Organizations

Some of the organizations and institutions worked with include Fida Kenya, Men End FGM, Youth Anti-FGM Network in Kenya (YANK), Njuri Ncheke among others within Meru and without.

Engaging Children

Through schools, we engage both boys and girls. By building a strong foundation of women supporters, we can sustainably effect change in Meru and beyond.

Engaging Activists

This organization works in cohesion with other like-minded individuals fighting harmful cultural practices in their communities. With one voice, we make responsible bodies accountable.

Our campaigns

Engaging men

Media Programs

Onground Campaigns

The media has helped in our campaigns. When we encounter elusive law enforcers or rogue parents, or when corruption seeks to shut down our efforts to seek justice, the media helps us to go on despite obstacles. 

Highlighting these stories in the media has helped bring orders from top-down in ministries whose officers often choke the voices of vulnerable people in the society by being elusive when it comes to such matters.

For years we have been working in partnership with Njuri Ncheke. The Njuri Ncheke uses its authority and influence in the community to fight FGM.

Through its intervention, we were able to burry Jelida in her community’s land. This would not have been possible without its involvement.


I remember the procession you had in Laare. Thank you for standing up for the girl child.
Matayo Mugambi
Resident, Laare
I watched your story on TV. I never knew FGM exists in Meru. Keep doing what you have started.
Mary Mulatya
Farmer, Kitui
The work you are doing in my community is very important. Don't stop!
Matthew Muturia
Resident, Igembe